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I perform versions of some of the greatest songs from the classic rock/pop era, as well as popular Country Music hits. 

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Covering a very wide range of artists including, The Beatles, James Taylor, America, Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, CCR, Neil Young, The Bee Gees, The Monkees, Eric Clapton, Cat Stevens, Motown Hits, and many more.

Booking Information

*If you are having a party, business, or social event and would like to have live music please contact me directly through my email jdunn1055@yahoo.com (Subject “Booking Info”)

What you get when you book me for your event or business.

  • A versatile vocalist/performer with over 30 years of professional experience.
  • All popular songs from Classic Rock, Pop, as well as Country music favorites.
  • 50 minute sets with only 10 minute breaks. Music is provided during breaks.
  • A Strong local following.
  • A combination of straight acoustic music along with studio recorded backing tracks which allows me to provide the audience with an amazing full band sound at the cost of one performer!
  • Personal guarantee you will be happy with you’re booking decision. My goal is to help you make your party, community event, restaurant, social club, or whatever the event may be, a great experience for your guest. 
  • Playing songs that everyone knows at a volume that never interferes with the audience’s ability to converse.

Contact Me At: jdunn1055@yahoo.com  Use subject “Booking”Jimmy Dunn Live

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Jimmy Dunn Solo Performer.

BOOKING CONTACT INFO: jdunn1055@yahoo.com [Use subject “BOOKING INFO”]